Online support is available for staff and students via email or The information below provides links to specific project sites (within THUTO) and step-by-step guides to use specific THUTO tools that staff may need to use.
Staff members

Logging in to THUTO for the first time (Video explanation)
userid: s + Student number (e.g. s201900123)
Default password (secret): First 3 letters of Surname in capital letters + Student number. (MUST BE CHANGED)

userid: p + Employment number (e.g. p200901012) If you are unable to login. Contact us via Email: or

If you forget your password, you can reset it without contacting the helpdesk: Reset your password
N.B. You need to have an email registered to your THUTO account. If not, contact or
Changing/Resetting your THUTO password (Video explanation)

THUTO Helpdesk Chatroom: intended to support students on learning remotely.

Emergency Remote Teaching support: intended to support teaching staff on Thuto technical matters and guidelines on teaching remotely.

How do I register my email address on THUTO? This will enable you to receive notifications via email, reset/change your password, etc...

  1. Log on to THUTO (
  2. While on the "My Workspace" tab/site, click on Profile.
  3. Hover/Move your mouse over Contact Information.
  4. Click on the Edit button that appears.
  5. Type in your email address in the appropriate textbox.
  6. Click on Save, and you are done.

To receive announcements automatically as your lecturers create them, you need to register your email address on your Thuto account.

Announcement Guides (How-tos)
Create an announcement
Edit an announcement
Delete an announcement

Assignments Guides (How-tos)
How do I submit an assignment?
How do I view my assignment feedback?

Assignments Guides (How-tos)
Create an assignment
Grade an assignment

To access the chatroom, click on the "Chatroom" tool under the course of interest.

Chat room Guides (How-tos)
What is a chat room?
How to use the chat room (read, post, detelete, etc...)

To access course resources, click on "Resources" tool under the course of interest.
To receive course resources via email, register your email on your THUTO profile.

Resources (How-tos)
How to upload files (PDFs, Presentation slides, Videos, etc.)

Sending Emails via THUTO.
This is benefitial for sending emails to a all or certain students or for students to communicate with each other without knowing the actual emails of the recipients.
How do I send an email via Thuto?